About Ohio Teachers for Quality Education

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Lisa Bass: Lisa Bass is a first grade teacher in Nordonia Hills City School District. She is also a Network Regional Leader in English Language Arts and an Independent ELA Consultant for The Ohio Department of Education. She is a National Board Certified Teacher, having earned certification in 2013, who prides herself in supporting future National Board Certified Teacher Candidates. In addition to her classroom work, Lisa is an America Achieves National Fellow and Teacher Champion Fellow. Lisa served as ELA Advocate for her public school district for nine years and has been awarded multiple honors as NHEA Teacher of the year, Ohio PTA Achievement Award Winner, and All-County Teacher Team, and Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship Recipient. Lisa is a passionate supporter of educators who dedicates her personal time volunteering to helping educators grow their professional practices.

Tricia Ebner:  Tricia Ebner is an intervention specialist for gifted at Lake Middle School, providing services through English language arts classes in grades 6, 7, and 8. She is in her 15th year of National Board Certification, having earned initial certification in 2000 and renewal in 2008. In addition to her classroom work, she has served as a member of Ohio’s Educator Leader Cadre and a Core Advocate, and in these roles has given a number of presentations to teachers across the state and at national conferences. A dedicated advocate for gifted children, she shares her experiences in her blog, “Teaching in the Middle” on the Center for Teaching Quality web site. She has also served as a  VCO (Virtual Community Organizer) in the Teacher Leadership Initiative cosponsored by CTQ, NEA, and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Tricia is eager to support children and teachers in their pursuit of quality education.

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