Welcome to Our Renovated Site!

Over a year ago we developed this website with the goal of supporting Ohio’s educators, parents, and students in the important work surrounding student learning, particularly learning as described by Ohio’s Learning Standards. After talking with teachers from across the state, we’ve made some revisions to this site to make it more practical and useful for educators in our day-to-day work.

Blog posts, shared on this page, are a key feature of our site. You’re going to find new entries on a weekly basis, all focused around solving problems and handling challenges that face us in our daily work with students. Blogs are written by Ohio educators, including classroom teachers, instructional coaches and consultants, and administrators. Each post shares a story of how an educator faced a problem and the strategies and resources he or she used to solve it. 

Our Favorite Go-To Resources feature links to a number of web sites and other resources that we’ve found to be useful in our own work. New to Twitter as a professional development resource? Check out some of our favorite educators and follow them, and also check out the hash tags. Looking for web sites? Check out the listing we have for you, with quick links to ODE resources as well as favorite, high-quality, free tools and resources to make your job easier.

The Just-Getting-Started Resources is a great starting point. If you’re in a new content area, grade level, or even new to the world of teaching, start here to get your feet wet and check out some of the tools you may find most useful as you get going in your classroom.

Our Parent Information Night resources are still available to you under the Resources for Parents tab. If you’re looking for tools to help parents better understand what the standards look like in action in classrooms, these can be helpful.

Finally, we want you to share with us, too. In the coming weeks, we’ll be inviting you to share your problem-and-solution stories on our blog. Maybe you also have some favorite resources that should be part of our pages. We are looking forward to hearing about them. Soon we’ll have a couple of tools here on the web site to do just that. In the meantime, we invite you to use the Contact Us page to reach out to us.

We’re looking forward to continuing to learn and share with you!

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