Use the following resources to help support children’s learning.

If you are looking for resources to better understand test scores, please use the test score resources drop down here.

INFOhio: This web site is a digital library available to everyone in Ohio, including schools, students, and their families. A host of resources are available through this site, including research databases, online encyclopedias, eBooks, and more. The OhioMeansJobs link on the educator resources page provides a user with practice tests and eBooks for grades 4 and up.

NewsELA: This site provides teachers and students with access to newspaper articles from reputable, nationally-recognized papers on stories of interest to students. It also allows teachers to select articles at various reading levels, so teachers can have students working with nonfiction at appropriate levels. This is a fabulous tool for differentiation across several subjects and grades.

Time for KidsThis site provides access to current and recent news stories written specifically for kids by one of America’s best-loved news magazines. 

National Geographic for Kids: This web site provides links to articles, games, and activities. It’s a wonderful cross-curricular tool.

StoryNory: StoryNory provides audio stories, including myths, fairy tales, and original stories. This allows readers to listen to the story and follow along with the text.

MagicKeys: MagicKeys provides online, illustrated stories for children.

Matific: This web site offers a variety of online activities to help students develop their math skills. It focuses on grades K-6.

Toy Theater: Toy Theater offers a variety of games and activities to strengthen math skills.

OCSD Interactive Games: This web site is a great resource for teachers who want to create their own interactive games. Take a look at the variety of options. Scroll down for more information about how best to use these games.

Arcademic Skill Builders: This web site combines the fun of arcade games with the skills students need to practice.

Johnnie’s Math Page: This page contains links to hundreds of different activities and games, organized by math skill. It’s a handy resource for teachers and parents.

Cool Math 4 Kids: This web site contains several games that engage kids in using math to be successful in a game structure.