pablo-21These are some of our favorite web sites, Twitter accounts and hashtags, blogs, books, and more. Take a look and see what might help you in your classroom!

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#ohedchat — This is a weekly chat Wednesday evenings at 9:00 PM, led by Ohio educators and often drawing educators from across the country. It discusses a number of issues surrounding education.

#satchat — This is a weekly chat occurring on Saturdays and brings together educators from across the country, discussing education.

#sunchat — This works very much like #satchat, but on Sundays.

Web Sites:

Just remember in using these web sites that it’s important to check that resources you select are aligned to Ohio standards and meet local community standards and expectations. The Ohio Quality Review Rubrics can be especially helpful in review lessons and units. Another useful tool for review resources are the Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool (IMET) from Student Achievement Partners.  The Assessment Evaluation Tool, also through Student Achievement Partners, can help in determining the quality of an assessment.

Ohio Quality Review Rubrics:

English Language Arts Quality Review Rubric

Math Quality Review Rubric

Social Studies Quality Review Rubric

Science Quality Review Rubric

Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool (Student Achievement Partners)

Assessment Evaluation Tool (Student Achievement Partners)

Collaborative for Student Success provides all kinds of information and support regarding standards, ESSA, and education policy from across the country.

Achieve the Core, the web site for Student Achievement Partners, offers a wide range of supportive materials. The math coherence map is an excellent tool for considering the connections within K-8 mathematics. The academic word finder is a helpful tool for finding those vocabulary terms that students might need. The coaching tool is valuable for self- and peer-reflection on classroom practice. These are just a few of the many resources readily available.

Ohio Standards Advocates page:  This is the home page to Ohio’s collaborative network of educators working to support Ohio’s teachers.

Teaching the Core:  This site provides videos and lesson materials that illustrate the instructional shifts needed with the math and language arts standards. It’s a great resource for getting a picture of what the standards look like in action in the classroom.

America Achieves: This organization brings together leaders from across the country to make positive differences for students across the country.

Ohio Department of Education Resources: Use this link to access the Ohio Department of Education main page. For subject-specific resources, use the links below.

English Language Arts Standards & Resources

Mathematics Standards & Resources

Social Studies Standards & Resources

Science Standards and Resources

Muskingum Valley ESC Curriculum ResourcesOn the right-hand menu, there are items labeled Ohio ELA & Math Links to Resources, Ohio Science Links to Resources, and Ohio Social Studies Links to Resources. These will take you to a page with all kinds of resources linked by grade band, organized by strand. This is well worth bookmarking on your favorite browser. 

OEA Lesson Resources: This site offers quality lessons for teachers to use within their classrooms.

AFT/Share My Lesson: These are lessons and materials developed by teachers across the country, aligned to standards.

Ohio PTA Parent Resources: This is a great resource to offer to your students’ families and your community as we work in partnership to help our students learn and grow.

EngageNY: This site offers unit and lesson plans aligned to the standards. Many of these have been evaluated as extremely high-quality by Achieve.

Louisiana Believes: This collection of resources supported by the Louisiana Department of Education offers unit and year-long curriculum and planning resources.

North Carolina: This web site provides resources on a number of topics ranging from Native Americans to differentiation and technology integration.  The MiniPage Archive provides a variety of instructional plans. The web site is undergoing renovation, but these tools are in the digital archive and are still available.

LearnZillion: This provides lesson plans across all content areas and grade levels.

Teaching Channel: Teaching Channel is well-known for providing videos and materials to support teachers on a whole range of classroom issues. There are some terrific resources for standards and deeper learning.

Colorin Colorado: This site provides wonderful support and resources for teachers and parents of English Language Learners. It includes lesson resources.

Reading Rockets: This web site provides resources and lessons for supporting beginning readers in grades PreK-4. This is a great place to find resources for phonics and phonemic awareness. There are some great parent resources, too.

ReadWriteThink: This web site by NCTE provides a variety of resources in ELA instruction. It includes lesson plans, many with interactive online tools to help support student thinking and writing.

You Cubed:  This site provides rich math tasks and lesson plans, focused on developing positive math mindsets.

Illustrative Math: These are terrific progression documents that help look at focus and coherence in math across grade levels.

Illuminations: This site, sponsored by NCTM, provides lesson resources and interactive tools for math instruction.

Smithsonian Education: This site provides lots of resources, virtual field trips, and activities aligned to standards and using the Smithsonian’s broad resources to support student learning.

Literacy Design Collaborative: This site offers lessons, mini-tasks, and modules (units) surrounding the standards. Many of its resources are interdisciplinary, making them terrific resources for lessons across content areas. The Task Templates are wonderful stems for standards-aligned writing tasks (you must create an account to access these; accounts are free).

Math Design Collaborative: This resource provides lesson resources aligned to standards, focusing on formative assessment. There are videos supporting the work, too.



I Teach Bay: Char Shryock’s wonderful blog, with terrific resources across all curricular areas, standards, assessments, and more.





Talks with Teachers is a thought-provoking podcast and web site. Blogger Brian Sztabnik interviews educators from all over the country on all kinds of subjects related to education.