For teachers: these links can be very helpful as we analyze and reflect on student test scores. Also, please share the links on this page with parents who might want to know what “next steps” to take after receiving their children’s test scores. Please note: Ohio is going to be using a new, Ohio-developed test in 2015-16. The resources here come from a variety of organizations to help parents understand score reports and also next-step actions that align with the standards.


Test Talk for Parents:  This is a link to the Ohio Department of Education page explaining the usefulness of the 2014-15 test score reports and the transitions into Ohio’s State Tests, which will be given for the second time in social studies and science and for the first time in language arts and math in the spring of 2016. There is also a link to a PowerPoint which may be useful for both teachers and parents in better understanding the score reports and the transition to these assessments.

Understanding Ohio’s Social Studies and Science Score Reports: This is a link to a PDF document that helps parents better understand the information available on the social studies and science score reports for the spring 2015 assessments.

Great Kids: Understanding Your Child’s Test Scores: This link takes you specific information about the standards for a child’s grade level. It often includes video links to show what student success looks like at this grade level, for this standard. Then it provides a link for to resources for how parents can help. This web site is sponsored by the Smarter Balanced testing consortium.

Be a Learning Hero: A parent can get links to specific web sites and resources for particular standards and skill sets.

Understand the Score: This web site is designed specifically to help parents in PARCC states better understand the score report for PARCC assessments. There are a variety of resources, including videos and PDF files, to help understand score reports themselves and next steps to take at home to support what students are learning at school. There is also a link to the Ohio Department of Education web site page that explains how last year’s PARCC assessments are still useful to students, parents, teachers, and schools, even while Ohio transitions to new assessments in the 2015-16 school year.

Ohio Department of Education Resources Page: Resources for 2014-2015 Ohio’s State Test Results:  This takes you to the ODE page for testing resources available through the state. It includes an overview of the tests given last year, the reasons behind moving to higher learning standards and aligned assessments, and sample test items. An FAQ page is included. Additionally, there is a link to sample cover letters districts can send home with score reports and a one-page description of Ohio’s performance levels.